Business Process

Guiding companies to improve their performance, profitability and increase their efficiency.

Whether to manage administrative support functions, respond to customer complaints or process invoices, ever more businesses are seeking to optimise and automate their processes.

The solutions we offer work to drive growth. Our remit is to introduce greater flexibility in the management of certain functions so companies can focus on their core business.

These enhancements can be integrated at all levels of the business:

  • Implementation of Finance and Administrative functions.,
  • Management of Human Resources functions.,
  • Conducting highly specialised interventions (managing sensing resources, advanced technical support, etc.).

The MapYourDream team of experts are there to provide you with tailor-made, high-performance solutions.

We offer you enhanced performance and profitability. MapYourDream listens to your needs, maps out and analyses your in-house skills, and offers you any additional expertise to design the solutions that will help achieve your goals.

Software editor

MapYourDream is an innovative software engineering enterprise specialised in providing dedicated management, production, marketing and communication solutions.

MapYourDream helps you refine your analysis, scale up your decision-making power, improve your communication and enhance your corporate image.

Our IT solutions, combined with our business expertise, afford all our customers higher revenues and more substantial sales margins.

We have high-level expertise in:

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) software …
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • geo-marketing / geo-statistical / intelligent mapping applications software …
  • dedicated software for satisfaction surveys, decision analysis, etc.
  • dedicated applications for new mobile technologies like Android / Iphone / Digital Tablet / Handbooks, etc.

Data mapping

MapYourDream is also an innovative Web-based mapping engine accessible on both fixed and mobile devices. Whatever your data requirements, MapYourDream maps what you need dynamically.

MapYourDream helps work towards more cogent analysis, faster decisions and improved information

MapYourDream brings all the power and flexibility of efficient mapping to both in-house and outgoing web-based applications.

Based on its expertise in the development and customisation of open source components, MapYourDream can respond to the needs of the most complex scenarios and bring its customers the experience of the intelligent web.

Quality project management

The Quality approach is essential to make project management more reliable, using various tools to standardise working methods, and check out and validate the solutions.

MapYourDream has an agile methods based Quality approach; proprietary$$$ processes and our project management tool ensure optimal delivery.

Our project management tool optimises collaboration and gives our customers access to real-time monitoring of project progress.

All our solutions have a development version in addition to the production solution. This ensures data security and rendering and means our customers can do their own testing.

More and more customers are asking us to inject our knowhow into this area within their solution to enhance their brand image and boost quality.


Many customers trust us to support them in the implementation of projects involving radical change.

To support strategic reorientations, we implement rigorous procedures based on a balanced mix of business expertise, analysis techniques and change management procedures. We also retain a strong focus on the needs expressed by individual agents and teams,

Our team makes it a rule not to apply turnkey methods but rather to understand customers’ organizational and cultural specificities.

MapYourDream has French ministerial approval for the design of prototype solutions eligible for innovation tax credit, thus making your application all the easier.

The projects we conduct significantly improve our customers’ performance over the long term: improved profitability, greater revenues, reduced cycle times, respect for commitments … This performance improvement is reflected in a visible and measurable way right through to our customers’ financial statements.