The industrial world is constantly changing, with so many new media emerging and revolutionary changes taking place in manufacturing techniques.

MapYourDream is there to support you in areas such as:

  • Industrial performance : Industrial performance: PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), Lean Management (time-to-market reduction, optimisation in the use of production capacities)
  • Supply chain
  • The extended enterprise, with CEN (Collaborative Enterprise Network) and federation of teams involved in transformations, security and management of rights.
  • Customer service
  • Organization and Governance : Conducting Complex Projects
  • Research, technology and innovation :
  • Domms Ovalitech : Maintenance Engineering & Document Management
  • Eureteq : Pipeline engineering for gas, chemicals, hydrocarbons and hydroelectricity



The Vartan group specialises in assembly work for production support, on-site support for Final Assembly Lines and Product Support. Customers include Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac and Embraer. The group also ensures maintenance for products in service.

The project for this company (the need to boost production) was a big challenge. The process of processing requests can be complex and in a sector like aeronautics, the stakes are high.

Successful completion of the project allowed the solution to be deployed on a number of sites over several continents. Future developments promise a bright future for this group.

Public services

To acquire, process and monitor data, and handle issues out in the field in an optimised fashion.

Solutions implemented by MapYourDream mean you can:

  • accelerate decision-making,
  • facilitate the management of resources and the solutions to be deployed,
  • reduce response times,
  • facilitate travel (routing and access optimisation),
  • optimise the acquisition and quality of information captured out in the field,
  • display the background relating to a point of information anywhere, anytime,
  • inform people concerned of the state of progress for an intervention in real time,
  • correlate in-house data with external data (e.g. government statistics),
  • generate Quality reports or audits according to a set of criteria,

Infoway: obtain all real-time traffic information on the 64 and 65 General Council sites.

Chamber of Trades and Crafts
A leader in its field, MapYourDream has designed a mapping data engine enabling Chamber of Trades and Crafts to manage, query and enhance their data rapidly and in a fun way.

French Business Incubators Union:
MapYourDream has developed the Numix platform for the French Business Incubators Union. This business expansion network opened this platform for monitoring and e-billing. Numix Billing is available to any entrepreneur wishing to simplify the administrative management of its business. Features created for entrepreneurs in the testing phase have been optimised for independent contractors



Pulvecenter is an approved technical control body for the mandatory inspection of agricultural, viticultural and arboricultural spray systems.

Our project is a strong response to current needs. MapYourDream invests in many fields to optimise feedback and facilitate data processing. Wheter for the agent out in the field or office staff, all workstations are evaluated to facilitate analysis, improve quality and minimise down times.


Data Quality is a key issue in the medical community.

MapYourDream has developed solutions for questionnaire design, auditing and Action Plans.

Solutions implemented by MapYourDream allow for:

  • Quick and easy design of all your questionnaires, surveys and polls.
  • Development of questionnaire interfaces for fixed and mobile internet applications.
  • Import of users and management of follow-ups (invitations, reminders, etc.).
  • Processing and easy management of results.
  • Optimised and customised presentation of action plans.
  • User management, tracking and history
  • Dashboard analysis and customised monitoring for managers.
  • Cartographic display of your results. produced for CARSAT

Eramis: Inventory Management Solution

Personal services

The Empreinte (imprint) approach emerged in Aerospatiale (Airbus’s predecessor) 25 years ago. It is now used internationally by a network of coaching consultants.
MapYourDream has developed the data processing system and graphic reporting for consultants.

Horatius :
Serndip, the new dating app using the innovant concept
MapYourDream provided the solution for events and potential partners.

Lgtel :
Lgtel, the broadband internet service provider company, has been offering unlimited (Wimax and ADSL) solutions that are both economical and tailored to the needs of the general public since 2008.
MapYourDream has designed their own customer management and invoicing solution.